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    Since the advent of Bitcoin, negative comments such as “scams”, “speculation” have been common. However, it is undeniable that in 10 years, the price of Bitcoin has increased by a million times, which is a "miracle" return on investment is amazing. The "consensus" value of Bitcoin believers and speculators has been confirmed by the market. More and more investors are joining the digital currency market to chase the "dream". After all, the myth of the wealth creation in the digital currency trading market is really attractive.

    However, there are various traps hidden in the opportunities. Last year, the Plus token crashed overnight because it could not withdraw coins, which became a bad talk in the industry. Kind of the issues happened in the currency circle, which makes people wonder that is the digital currency trading market an infinite hope for people who pursue dreams to achieve wealth freedom, or is it under greed? Here, Explus uses the latest products to perfectly interpret the integration of blockchain technology and traditional financial concepts, and to name the industry with a strong credibility background.

    Explus was founded in the UK in April 2018 and has won many awards in just two years. In October of the year of establishment, he was awarded the top ten "Creative New Financial Brands" by Coindesk; the following month was selected as the "New Potential Enterprise" by the International Finance Association; in May of 2019, won the winning award of NewsBTC "honest brand award".

    When you also hold a wait-and-see attitude towards the blockchain financial derivatives trading market, Explus has brought a brand-new investment experience of the digital currency market.