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  • Promax7

    Is there any risk ,investing in Promax7 miners ?

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    There is risk involved with any business/investing venture!


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      Even I had the same question few days back until I spoke to the Promax7 team and raised my question which was well answered by them so I don’t think there is any risk in investing on them. I have already placed order with them since yesterday for Promax7.2miner .I would suggest you to do up a inquiry with them and then think over the order placing .


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        I have my own supplying unit, after my buyers questioning me on the availability of Promax7 miners , I did a research with Promax7 and with my co supplier which made me assured of the products genueity and yes I am hoping to be the first supplier to supply this products to my esteemed buyers. Ready to order in bulk as they take bulk order also.


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          So far I haven’t heard anything bad about them, it seems a great investment deal , on contacting Promax7 team they said that they are using NVIDIA P102 graphic cards which is responsible for such high Mh/s .I find Promax7 miners to be really unique and very impressive .